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Raymond DeGarmo
Province, Country:
TX, United States
Date of Birth:
25 May 1990
Date of Death
23 Mar 2007
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:

My Sweet Brandy Lou

You were 8 years old when you came into our lives and changed us forever.  No other Dog has had this affect on us.  You had alot of spunk, never missed a beat and was always happy to greet us at the door with one of your Stuffed babies. 

We loved your playful manner, your faithful company and enduring friendship.  We will forever miss your talented tricks...Dance, Rollover, Fetch, Where's the Baby, Shake Paw, Beg, knock on the door and speak...as well as the sleepy times you shared with us.  We just want to say, there's always a place in our hearts and home for you.  We always look at the coffee table and expect to see you there curled up on your little bed.  We wish you were still here...but we'd rather not see you in pain.  We know you're in a happier place now.

Bonita Sue misses you very much...we told her you're in heaven playing fetch with God and keeping Rosie's dad and mom company...and playing with your cousin Daisy...Bonita's the Big dog of the house now...please keep her in your prayers as she struggles to fill your paw prints...Help her to keep Britney Spears in line as they grow older.  Bonita's a senior now...and still hasn't learned the tricks you learned as a pup...if you could...help her out...She's got alot of life left in her.  We'll keep you in our prayers and carry you with us forever. 

Love Daddy and Mommy

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