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Rebecca Wiles
Laurel Hill
Province, Country:
FL, United States
Australian Cattle Dog
Date of Birth:
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Blue Merle speckled
Eye Colour:

I love lots of attention. I can never get enough of that! I love to run, run, run and chase anything that I see! I am an Australian Cattle Dog or ACD and am a beautiful Blue Merle slightly speckled color... I have a lovely wiry coat that my mistress loves to run her fingers through! I was found by her cousins roaming on the street and she took me and my sister in and fell in love with us as little puppies... She guess my birthdate to be December of 2002 and got us Febuary 25, 2003 as little rascals. Unfortunelty my sister died but I am still roaming happy and free! I love to sit in the sanbox with her and her son Ray. And I sit there and let her pet me all day except when a rabbit or bird came by! I am a bit finicky with what I like to eat.. Not always into dog food unless it is mixed with a bit of human food. I also don't like every human food. My son Buck, who is also part Chow, will however eat anything.

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