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Where Cats Sleep – Pet tip 250

One of the decisions that you’ll have to make when you get a new cat or kitten is where will it sleep? If you want your new kitten to sleep with you in your own bed then it should be no problem at all. Most kittens love sleeping with their owners and they will often press their bodies into yours for that warm cuddly feeling. If you’ve adopted an adult cat, it may take a little longer before the cat becomes comfortable enough to sleep in your bed. It may choose to sleep in another area of your bedroom, or it may choose to sleep in another room altogether. The trick is simple patience. If you are a kind and loving pet owner and interact and pet your cat, then eventually the cat will come around and likely jump on your bed to sleep when you least expect it.

If you don’t want your cat to sleep in your bed because of shedding, restlessness or other issues, then you have a few choices.

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Ollie was found under a bush as a kitten.He was a ferral.Rescued and brought up by his new mom.Me.It took a long time for him to become friendly.But he is now making up for it!!!.He eats like at horse a times. Follows me everytime i go into the kitchen meowing.He sleeps at the foot of my bed most nights.He is better than any hot water bottle and a great alarm clock. ollie is adorable and loves people now, he would love usa and canada to say hi x

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