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Little Roux

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Brittany Rankin
Province, Country:
MD, United States
Siberian Hamster
Date of Birth:
Date of Death
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:

The Littlest Roux


Once there was a hammie named Little Roux

He loved everyone in his family

His two brothers, Donnie and Jack

His grandparents and Uncle and Aunt

And his mother—me.


He lived a long, strong life

Filled with no doubts or fears

Other than those last few days

Because of an infection with his ears.


At times Jack or Donnie would aggress

And make the little one squeak

There were times when supervision was called for

Not just with the cats anymore


But Little Roux stuck through

To the very end of his days

With no moaning or groaning

Or poor shape whatsoever

Just his almond craving

So, be at peace forever.


God Bless You up in Hammie Heaven,

Little Roux

You are now reunited with your brothers


Love Brittany, Benay, Gary, Rusty, and Tara



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