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erika ackerland
Province, Country:
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Rottie Shep mix
Date of Birth:
Coat Colour:
Black and tan
Eye Colour:

Its me Puppy, im just a lovable older guy.
I have only been around this funny farm now known to me as home for a little over a year, but I am absolutely loving it here. There are so many other kinds of furry creatures out there that  I didnt know exsisted. But I have learnt to love them all ( even the chickens who scared me ALOT at first)  Dont tell the other big tough guys but I adore cats!!!!!  ( shhhht)
I moved here because my old owner was afraid to pass on and I didnt have a good home ( he is of ill health) It was surely a greater power that brought my new mommy to me.  I got medical attention ( I have bad legs and elbows )  I have pills that are helping me alot... and .. who knew.. I was overweight which didnt help my situation much.
I just know this is going to be where i spend the rest of my days, I have had 3 homes now and finally have found my forever home. ( mom tells me all the time that I am NEVER going anywhere, it makes me soooooo happy)
Some of my favorite things to do are.. Sleep, go for rides to camp ( I can swim!!! whoda thunk it???) and of course our monthly visits to my previous home( I still like to cuddle with Peter and talk with him, and he gets sooo happy to see me too, we have wonderful visits)
Thats all i have to say right now, Thanks for stopping by and reading about me.

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