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Rachel McDougall
Perth Andover
Province, Country:
NB, Canada
Date of Birth:
April 7, 2006
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Orangish Brown and White
Eye Colour:

 Hi there! My name is Hank! I was born on April 7, 06, my owner got me after her cat, my half brother, was hit by a car.  I am still just a baby, or my owners like to think I Am. I love to play, i'm very playfull but when i'm tired you can do anything you want to me! Move me around and cuddle.. I love to cuddle when i'm sleepy. I sleep on my owners bed everynite, or else on the couch. I hate the vacumn cleaner, it scares me so I run upstairs and hide. I also don't really like water. I love to go outside and play as well but I just stay around my house so I won't get hurt. When I was just 3 months old my owners got me "fixed"..that was so mean of them but I think it was my own fault for whining all the time. I am a big fan of being brushed!. I also like to chase bees and roam in the grass...i hope you all like me!
   Ps..My picture was on Halloween 2006, it was my first halloween, i got a little tired waiting for the children to come to the door so I had a little cat nap..

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