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Bluebonnet Sage

Bluebonnet Sage

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Dogs – Cats and Budgeting – Pet tip 242

Times are tough and many of us have less money coming in (income) but still have the same costs. This leaves most people with very little extra money to just ‘throw away’. This may cause some pet owners to become worried about how to provide for the health and well-being of their pets.

In this article we will try to help you structure your pet-related spending in a way that will keep both you and your pet in good shape. We will start by addressing the essential costs involved with keeping your pet healthy. Then we will mention some options that may help you afford these essential costs. Finally, we will look at what pet-related spending we can consider a luxury (non-essential).

The most important thing you can provide for your pet is health. Budgeting for an annual check-up and vaccinations is absolutely necessary.

Robert Sears
Fort Worth
Province, Country:
TX, United States
Date of Birth:
Coat Colour:
shimmering white gold
Eye Colour:
bluish brown

Bluebonnet is a kind, empathetic, sensitive soul whose connection that is all Texas gives her the ability to guide friends and strangers through the pathways of life.
She is a canine lone starologist in her spare time.
She love chasing squirrels and loping downstairs to see what is cooking in the kitchen.
TexMex is best.
She loves the Whiite Rock and Ft. Woof dog parks.

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