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Tip 6 – Vegetarian cats – not a good idea

Although we humans may choose a vegetarian diet and can live quite comfortably, a cat cannot.

No matter how opposed we may be to the idea of eating meat we should not pass this ideology on to our cats.

Unlike …

stephanie henry
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silky black
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meow (hi)
       I love my food an i would eat any kind of cat food but it some times takes me a long time to eat it all but my owner makes sure that i substain a healthy diet.I like female cats and my owner has been watching me lately following one of the neighbours cat the colour red suits me best .i get on well with other cats as long as i dont feel threatend by them. i love cuddling with my owner when she picks me up i nestle up to her neck with my arms around her neck also.i mostly sleep on my owners bed when she goes to sleep but during the day i laze about on a big bean bag in the main room by the radiator.i hate old left over food in my bowl so i pester my owner to give me some more or ill  just go outside and go to the neighbours house and try my luck there.my most embarrasing moment was when a pair of nickers fell on my head and it took me a while to take them off with a little help from my owner.my cherished moment was the birth of my children even though my owner never got to see it.well alot of things have happend in my life and i have hopefully got more children coming,                                                             meoow (bye)

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