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Nikia Anderson
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Not Provided
Tom Cat
Date of Birth:
Date of Death
Coat Colour:
gray and black
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His name was Tigger.. But to me it was angel... He was a cat like no other.. He fallowed me around none stop.. He was born 14 days earlier than I.. Or at least that was when my mother found him on the side of the street... He stuck byu my side till I was 7.. Then we had to move so my brothers social worker took him in.. I was never there to tell him good bye.. It still hurts in my heart.. No cat will ever be as loyal and protective than Tigger was.. His actions were more of like a dog then a cat..  I loved him a lot.. And to not be there when he was put down for cat luceemia.. I cryed a lot after that.. Then I got almost over it.. I didn't cry anymore and I didn't show that I missed him so much... But I will always miss him and love him..

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