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Jacquie Mercier
Province, Country:
BC, Canada
Golden Retriever
Date of Birth:
August 12, 2004
Not Provided
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:

My Rebar...
I  have been so lucky to have such a best friend as her. I got her at 6 weeks old and paid $250 for her. My best investment ever. I was rather concerned as I had lived in a bachelor apartment but she adapted so well. She never dirtied in my place. Even barking wasn't of her interests. She would hear someone at the door or the phone ringing and instead of barking, she would come over to me and nudge my leg then direct me to what needed my attention.
The funniest thing I think she does is... Has to poop at the top of a hill or when we lived in Winnipeg, at the top of a snow pile. So proud she was.
I have never seen an animal love stuffed toys as much as she. Her favorite is this talking monkey...Landa the Lemur. Drives me nuts but I know it makes her happy.
She is the best. We protected each other as we hitch hiked across country from Winnipeg, MB to Vancouver, BC. She is always my first priority. She eats before I do and she has to be warm and comfortable long before I allow myself to be. We love BC so much.
She is able to make friends with any kind of animal. We used to have rats as pets as well as cats. She loved and played with them all. However, she doesn't understand why ALL animals simply don't want to be buddies and play with her...they are so uptight and she is so sensitive.
She loves to sleep with me...head on the pillow and under the covers when she gets the chance. Flops on her back and even pushes me off the bed. If I am sleepin on the couch, she'll lay right on top of me and yes, she does get very heavy.
This is an old pic of my girl, she is almost 2 years old now. I am hoping to update the photos as soon as possible...she's still so damn cute!
I work as a Heavy Equipment Operator and she'll even sit in the cab of the machines with me...quite content. The only thing to make concrete stronger....MY REBAR!

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