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Janice Simonds
Province, Country:
ON, Canada
Texas Red Nose Pitbull
Date of Birth:
January 1
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:

Hello my name is Sadie Steele, I love to sleep on my owners bed but only after they have gone to sleep i sneak up there quietly, When ever they take me outside i love to lounge around and roll my back into the grass to get that itch that they can never seem to quite get,I love my toy stuff i sleep with it everynite. What i dislike is when people around me raise there voices or their hands in anger as before my owners adopted me i was very badly abused. My pet peeves is when they tell me i am going to see my bestfriend jazz they always take forever to bring her to me, My favourite toys are the ones i find like plastic bottles and sticks my fave lounging spot is right under our bay windows as i can get cool air and look greet everyone when they come in.My most embarrasing moment is when i was  playing with what i thought was a cat and turned out to be a skunk and got sprayed my owners were not happy they had to bath me in tomato sauce but after that they loved all the same and we still laugh about it. My most cherished moment is when i came to my new home and my owners took me out for hours to the park for a long walk and to play with other dogs. I love my family dearly and when they leave me by myself i cry until they come back.

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