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Zoe Angel

Zoe Angel

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Cherry eye in dogs – Pet tip 122

Any owner of a dog who has had “cherry eye” will tell you that it is not a pretty sight. Perhaps you have witnessed it yourself and have seen the large red mass bulging out of the inner corner of a dog’s eye, from which the name ‘cherry eye’ originated. While not the most visually appealing condition (for the owners or the afflicted dog), cherry eye is actually a fairly common and benign occurrence in many breeds of dogs.

Though it may appear somewhat like a tumour or even an awfully big bug bite, the ‘cherry’ on your dog’s eye is actually a prolapsed (or popped out) gland. Known by veterinarians as the nictitans gland, this gland is present in the third eyelid of dogs and aids in the production of tears. Unlike humans, many animals possess this third eyelid which closes horizontally across the eye to provide extra protection and moisture.

K Matheson
Province, Country:
ON, Canada
Shih Tzu
Date of Birth:
October 27th 2003
Coat Colour:
White Black Mix
Eye Colour:

Zoe Angel 
Hi my name is Zoe Angel you can call me Zoe for short. I am 2 and half       years young. I have been living with my family since I was 6 weeks old       they are so cool they spoil me rotten. My favorite toy is a pink fluffy       doll that squeaks when I press it against something ,Santa brought it to       me. I love to go outside but not in the cold , I think my family should       move to florida. When it is time for me to go outside when it is cold I       hide so my daddy can't find me. I love taking naps in the big bed with my       mommy she lets me but daddy don't. Mommy rules!! I use to like big dogs       but I got scared from one once, now they all scare me :(. My mommy has a       best friend Debbie and I love her she always gives me treats *yummy*. My       favorite treats are pigs ears Debbie buys them for me she is the best! I       have a sister Bailee she is nine she plays with me alot but she keeps       taking my toys from me so I grab them from her and she won't let go I       growl then act like a tough dog ,I have fun though doing it.She swings me       back and forth while I have the toy in my mouth. I have the best family  I       am so lucky I love them and they love me. They call me their little Angel.
Unless I get into the toilet paper shhhh. Have to go now time for my walk.

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