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Zoe Angel

Zoe Angel

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K Matheson
Province, Country:
ON, Canada
Shih Tzu
Date of Birth:
October 27th 2003
Coat Colour:
White Black Mix
Eye Colour:

Zoe Angel 
Hi my name is Zoe Angel you can call me Zoe for short. I am 2 and half       years young. I have been living with my family since I was 6 weeks old       they are so cool they spoil me rotten. My favorite toy is a pink fluffy       doll that squeaks when I press it against something ,Santa brought it to       me. I love to go outside but not in the cold , I think my family should       move to florida. When it is time for me to go outside when it is cold I       hide so my daddy can't find me. I love taking naps in the big bed with my       mommy she lets me but daddy don't. Mommy rules!! I use to like big dogs       but I got scared from one once, now they all scare me :(. My mommy has a       best friend Debbie and I love her she always gives me treats *yummy*. My       favorite treats are pigs ears Debbie buys them for me she is the best! I       have a sister Bailee she is nine she plays with me alot but she keeps       taking my toys from me so I grab them from her and she won't let go I       growl then act like a tough dog ,I have fun though doing it.She swings me       back and forth while I have the toy in my mouth. I have the best family  I       am so lucky I love them and they love me. They call me their little Angel.
Unless I get into the toilet paper shhhh. Have to go now time for my walk.

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