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Doreen Brown - Sauro
Not Provided
Province, Country:
QC, Canada
X Husky/Bouvier
Date of Birth:
April 18, 2006
Coat Colour:
Black & Brown
Eye Colour:

I'm Brandee, Kamps' new little sister.  I love to run and play with all my toys.  I like to snuggle in Kamps's furry neck.  I especially enjoy chewing grandma's toes.  I think I have a middle name, NO.  I hear that often enough but a bit later I get lots of puppy love.  Kamps is showing me how to go up and down the stairs, with my human parents never far behind.  I am also learning to go in my new potty corner in the yard.  I must be doing something right because I get a treat, but not Kamps, however she is told she is a good girl.  I like being the little one.  Bow WoW!!! When my human parents come home after work I try to sneak in to say hello but Kamps take all the space.  They give lots of hugs and kisses to Kamps first then they take me in their arms and I get just as much love and kisses and mommy found my tickling spot, which gets me excited.  I go to the park and walk, run and play with Kamps.  On our walks I sit at every street corner and there are many of thoses in the city!  We go visit grandpa in a home and Kamps and I visit may people.  I try to do what Kamps does but mommy says I am still to small to have many people touch me, but that is okay, Kamps is showing me the ropes.  I am going to be a big girl soon too!

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