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What is a Dog Whisperer – Pet tip 215

These days you hear a lot about the term ‘dog whisperer’ and most people associate the term with one particular dog trainer, Cesar Milan. Many people think that he created the term when in fact this is false. The term dog whisperer is actually a term borrowed from horse training, where certain trainers or horse whisperers seemed to be able to get horses to calm down and accept training or accept a rider on their backs. Their methods were often ‘quiet’ (as opposed to more traditional punitive techniques) to an observer as these trainers seemed to get results from quiet whispers. These days though, the term has been diluted and many people use the term loosely.

Doreen Brown - Sauro
Not Provided
Province, Country:
QC, Canada
X Akita/Golden Retriever/Chow Chow/Terrier
Date of Birth:
July 23, 2003
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:

I enjoy letting loose at the park and having my picture taken, but please no frilly clothing of any kind.  I enjoy being groomed by my human mommy every evening, even those darn knots are okay because I get a treat!  When I have bad dreams I wake up and go to mommy's bed and sneak my nose under the covers to find her big toe then I suck on it and every thing is okay.  My human parents take me everyday to visit grandpa in a home and lots of people like to touch me and talk to me.  I make them smile.  I am training the new kid on the block.  Her name is Brandee and she is a wee annoying thing right now.  She was introduced to me a few weeks ago and I kinda like her, but I won't tell anyone.  She is our new puppy and I let her share my toys, bones and even my beddy buddy.

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