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Amazon Girly(Tiny)

Amazon Girly(Tiny)

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M Carmick
Province, Country:
ON, Canada
American Miniature Horse
Date of Birth:
May 19,2000
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:

           Hi I'm tiny and you've already met my mate and my daughter Nemo and Jilly, I am a 6 year old American Miniature Horse and I have had 3 foals in my lifetime, Keely,  Bill,and Jilly, ok so my owners obsessed with the illy suffix so what, all my foals are still cute!
my foals,stallions,my owners,Max and Duke, Nemo,my owner's house and bedrooms,alfalfa hay, sugar cubes!!!
being herded, my foals trying to make me exhausted and run after them, being alone in a pasture,when my owner's kids are at school and can't play with me for the whole majority of the day.
Most cherished moments
When my foals were born, when my owners first brought me into the house.
Funniest moment
Im a very serious mare and so I do not have any funny moments, even though my owner seem to think I do.

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