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You JUST got a new dog – Don’t freak out – Pet tip 255

Today’s domestic dog is still closely related to the wolf. Like all wolves living in a pack, dogs must be part of a stable family and feel safe. Most domestic behavioral problems occur when the dog is confused about how to act/behave in different situations such as your home or out on a walk.

It is recommended that you keep Fido confined no matter his age for at least the first month in your home. This will allow him to settle in more comfortably and adapt to your lifestyle. At the same time, confinement will reduce such misbehaviors as chewing and separation anxiety.

Here are a few general rules to help you to prevent misbehaviors when you bring Fido home:

sherrie retford-shanks
Province, Country:
AB, Canada
long haired chihuahua
Date of Birth:
aug 29 1992
Date of Death
june 12 2006
Coat Colour:
black & white
Eye Colour:
dark brown

Yesterday my best friend died in my arms.Because his kidneys were failing and his liver was diseased,we thought it best to give him to God rather than have him suffer.

When I first got him he was a furball.He did not look like a dog at all.He came up to me and kissed me on my nose and I knew he was the one.He travelled over 1/2 million miles with me in my postal truck,hiding from anyone cause he was not supposed to be with me.He would travel in my purse,too.he loved everyone and other than a little growl,he finally would come up and get petted.He loved camping and he would sit for hours at the campfire and just look at it.He slept with me on my pillow right next to my head and and was the best companion/friend I have ever had.I will miss him more than I can say.We buried him out back  on our home land and he is with his adopted brother J.D and sister Faye Wray.I only hope that I can find another one and that somehow skee finds his way back to me.I have put a pic of him sleeping while he is sitting up,just after his summer haircut.He was very tired that day.Sh Sh my Hero,a Dapper Dude was his registered name,but we never cared about papers.He was my skeezie and I miss him terribly.There was not a night go by that I did not get a kiss nite nite from him.Your little friend Ember looks everywhere for you and your sisters daisey and lucy miss you  so much too.They seem awful lost without you here.

Be at peace my sweet,sweet boy.This is not goodbye,only a "see you in a few".

                                Love you most of all,mommy


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