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Pet Servals – Pet tip 208

There are millions and millions of cat lovers across North America and this is because cats make great pets. In general they are easier to take care of than dogs and much more independent than dogs. They are normally affectionate, cuddly, cute, they don’t eat that much and they don’t put too many demands on their owners. In terms of pleasing our human senses, house cats come in different breeds with different shapes, colours, fur lengths and personalities. But what if you want something a little different, more unique? What if you want a different type of cat, maybe a much larger cat? If you have a flair for the exotic you might consider getting a serval.

Servals are slowly becoming more popular as pets. Servals look like cheetahs but they are much smaller. They typically weigh anywhere from 20-40 pounds depending on their sex (males are heavier) and ancestry. Their body length is anywhere from 2-3 feet and they are about 2 feet tall. The come from Africa and still roam wild in many rural places. They are also slowly starting to become more known as house-pets but they are still quite rare and not for everyone.

Kelly Negoro
Province, Country:
ON, Canada
DMH, Part Maine Coon mix
Date of Birth:
Jan 2000
Not Provided
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:
Not Provided

His personality: Joey is the most sweetest boy!! He never hiss, growl, bite or scratch anyone. Such a gentle boy. I think he is part Maine coon. Joey has the personality and looks like one. Has tuff sticking out of his paws and has longer fur on his tummy. Very friendly boy, enjoys the attention and being petted. What a wonderful boy!! I was told her has part Maine coon in him. Please let me know for sure if he is. Thanks!! E-mail me at
Likes: Tummy rubs, salmon (human), sleeping, catnip, sometimes eating and playing
Dislikes: Vaccum cleaner, going to the vet and thunder storms
Favorite food/treat::Likes a bit of human food, especially his salmon. He is a fussy eater, doesn't like any expensive cat food. Joey really loves his salmon/Tuna moist can food. He likes tartar control treats to clean his teeth and especially Temptation Treats which I do not buy anymore.
Favorite toy: He doesn't like expensive cat toys. Only cheap ones but he does like his round blue thing with the yellow ball that moves around. Joey plays with that sometimes. Shoestring are his favorite toy, he enjoys chasing after it. Chocolate wrappers are his favorite toys.
Favorite sleeping spot: Joey sleeps in the living room on the freezer or the kitchen table chair. He likes sleeping on his cat condo that way he can look out of the window. He loves sleeping on my bed with me through the day and in the evening. Keeps me company.

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