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Leah May
Province, Country:
ON, Canada
Bichon Frise
Date of Birth:
March 11, 2006
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:

I'm 4 months old now and finally putting on some weight since my Mommy switched my food!  MMM, lovin'it!
I'm in love with my older sister, I can't stand to be without her, although I'm sure I get on her nerves sometimes.  Mommy took me to puppy school where I learned a few new tricks, I'll do anything for a treat! 
I don't really like to share though, that's a bit of an issue with my older sister, but we sure do have fun fighting over our toys!  I love what my Mom & Dad did with our backyard, it looks great, I love to garden, digging a hole is my latest accomplishment.  I enjoy a walk through the flower garden every now and then too when their not looking!
I enjoy grazing on grass and dirt in the backyard and having a nap in the shade with my big sis!
Mommy & Daddy let me sleep in their big bed with Elly May and now we are one big happy family!  I've become quite the snuggle bug (as my Mom would say).
I'll report back when I get bigger than my sister, won't be long now!
June 2007 Update
I'm here to give you the update!  I'm a BIG BOY now, I'm one year's old, Mommy had a birthday party for me, with a doggy cake and everything.  It was quite the party!  I've fit into my new family instantly, I'm in love with my big sister, she's the best!  We run and play and sleep, that's my favourite thing to do.  I'm really good at taking the squeek out of all my squeeker toys Mom buys me, but she keeps buying me more!
I hope you've enjoyed my update and the new picture of me on the site  (doing my favourite thing).
Woof, Woof

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