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Dogs in Mourning – Pet tip 246

Dogs are extremely sensitive animals and can feel many of the same emotions that humans feel. Although many seasoned dog owners already know this, newer dog owners are often surprised by the depth of some of the emotions that dogs can feel. We all know that dogs can be very happy creatures; their broad wagging tails give them away every time. But dogs are capable of feeling more complex emotions than just happiness. At the other end of the spectrum there is sadness and depression and dogs are capable of feeling these emotions. Perhaps there is no greater testament to this fact then when a dog’s owner or another dog from the household dies

Patty & Erin R
Not Provided
Province, Country:
Not Provided
long hair domestic
Date of Birth:
not sure
Date of Death
April 2006
Not Provided
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Brown tiger stripe
Eye Colour:

We found shorty and her sister Py-py about 4 yrs ago. they were hanging around our neighbors house and she thought they were my cats (they were young cats). we took them in and they just ended up living with us.  the 2 cats did just about everything together at first. they ate together slept together. whatever room one was in the other wouild follow. As they got more comfortable with my other cats they made friends, I think one of my male cats had a crush on Shorty. My other cat always laid with her and gave her baths it was so sweet. Shorty always had to have her own eating spot (not with the others) as well does her sis Py-py.  Shorty was found dead on our kitchen and we weren't sure what happend.  We miss Shorty ("Shorts" for short). We love her and hope she is happy.  I hope she getting all the kitty treats that her tummy can withstand!

Love You Shorts!

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