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Vincent a.k.a. Googie's Tribute

Vincent a.k.a. Googie

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Dogs – Cats and Budgeting – Pet tip 242

Times are tough and many of us have less money coming in (income) but still have the same costs. This leaves most people with very little extra money to just ‘throw away’. This may cause some pet owners to become worried about how to provide for the health and well-being of their pets.

In this article we will try to help you structure your pet-related spending in a way that will keep both you and your pet in good shape. We will start by addressing the essential costs involved with keeping your pet healthy. Then we will mention some options that may help you afford these essential costs. Finally, we will look at what pet-related spending we can consider a luxury (non-essential).

The most important thing you can provide for your pet is health. Budgeting for an annual check-up and vaccinations is absolutely necessary.

Peter Duerr
Saint Paul
Province, Country:
MN, United States
Date of Birth:
February 2nd, 1991
Date of Death
April 27th 2006
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:

When I walked into my breeders house and gazed upon the litter of 5 week old pups playing around together, one took the time to really see who had arrived. He didn't return to the games his siblings were busy playing. He had another job to do...He had to claim me as his own! My Vincent chose me. And from the moment our eyes met we were in love, True and unconditional love. The kind that does not go away but efforetlessly grows, constantly until the end of time. We humans are not fully capable of understanding what it means to be totally unconditionally devoted to another being. The connection i had/have with my baby boy was deeper than any i've ever experienced with any other living thing, two or four legged. 

  I could fill endless pages with memories of the adventures my Vincent and I shared, but my space is somewhat limited so the memory I will share with you all now is the moment and accompanying experience that attuned me to just how deep a dog is capable of loving his human. It was 1993 and I was living in Phoenix, Az. The only escape I could find from the busy city life was to make the two hour trek north to Sedona. The 660.000 acres of the Kokonino National forest helped to relieve at least some of the tensions that the city imposed upon it's inhabitants. I would go up sometimes with friends, sometimes alone ALWAYS with my Vincent. This trip I was with an old friend, Dan R. It was late, 1 or 1:30 am and we were talking about Dans brothers two German Shepards and their abilities when they were in use as police dogs.The drill we tested was his idea, he suggested I take a stick, a unique stick that I could identify. I remember it had a "Y" like appearance. next I rubbed it top to bottom with my hands, and to finish it off i spit on it and rubbed my spit in good. I wanted as much of my scent on this stick as possible. Then I threw it as hard as I could into the darkness that surrounded us. And if you've ever been in the K.N.F. all it is is downed pine trees and, to put it simply...STICKS! Well as soon as i heard, not saw mind you, heard it land I gave my buddy the "go" command. Woosh!! We listened as Vincent searched, he was well outside of the reach of firelight so all we could do is listen.  I can  imagine what was going through his mind as he came across stick after stick after stick. Searching...nope thats not my dad...Sniff sniff.Nope thats not him either...Sniff...Ahh. YES!!! Now thats my dad! He's going to be so proud of me! And I was. More than he could have known. It took him almost half an hour to find my stick but he wasn't going to settle for anything less than what he knew I was hoping he would retreive. Our dogs are links to our souls. A reflection of who we are. We must treat them as we would treat ourselves. Love them like we hope to be loved. And even if we are incapable of loving as a dog can, rest assured that it's the ONLY way a dog knows to love. There is alot we could learn from our four legged friends, all we have to do is listen. And I will always be listening my Vinnie, because I know you are still with me every day. In my heart and my soul, forever. I love you, in a dogs way.

  Your Dad


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