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bee gochenauer
Province, Country:
CO, United States
Domestic longhair
Date of Birth:
Sept. 6, 1996
Not Provided
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Blk./White Tuxedo
Eye Colour:

My mommy raised me since I was 3 wks. old, I'm going to be 10 in Sept.  I love to stalk, attack, my mommy.  I do love her and my daddy even though they are humans.  I have a few really great personalities, and I have a great attitude about myself.   I have a little stuffed hedgehog toy that is my cherished little baby.  I protect it, clean it.  I would love to take a bubble bath with my mommy but she won't let me, so I won't let her out of the tub until she looks like a 100 yr. old prune.

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