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karin a
Province, Country:
ON, Canada
Mini Poodle Mix
Date of Birth:
May 16, 1997
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:
Chocolate Brown

Brandy came to me through my mother who adopted him as a puppy.  He was the cutest bundle of apricot fur and very playful. I would visit every weekend and play with him and walk him.
When he was 1 my mother moved in with me.  The very first night he decided he was sleeping with me and wouldn't let my cats on the bed when it was bedtime.  My mother was a little hurt but within 3 weeks we found out she was very ill (Parkinson's and strokes) so it turned out it was a good thing Brandy had decided he belonged to me.  My mother and I shared his affection for 3 years until she moved into a retirement home and later a nursing home.  Brandy and I would visit her all the time.
My mother died November 12, 2005.  Brandy is a reminder of her.  He is the cuddliest, funniest and sweetest dog I could hope for.
I have only one cat now and the two of them have resolved their bedtime differences.  One sleeps on the left and one on the right of me (Brandy under the covers most of the time).
The cat loves Brandy and rubs up against him all the time.  However, Brandy seems indifferent to her unless another cat comes into the backyard and bothers her.  Then he will aggressively chase the other cat away.  Just like human siblings!

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