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Ramona McMahon
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Rhodesian Ridgeback
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This is to my beloved Maxie, I am truely heartbroken, you were my best friend, you guarded and protected Liam and myself at all times.  You gave but never took anything in return, expect cuddles and the occasional bit of chocolate. You were there for me in times of trouble and sadness, dropping that big head of yours on my lap and looking at me with those big chocolate eyes, just saying that you understood, and that you were there for me.  You missed me when I was gone from you, you were always the last to see me leave and the first to see me return.  We spent so many hours enjoying walks in the woods and down at the beach, you used to run like the wind, so elegant, so beautiful ...... I miss you so.  You got old and started to get sick, I would have parted with the whole world, just to keep you by my side.  I had to let you go, it took me a long time, and you just kept on getting sicker, I just had to let you go.  I will never, never forget you, I hope doggie heaven will merge with mine one day, so we can be together at last and forever.  Your ashes will be sprinkled on St. Cyrus beach, where you were at your most beautiful, you were my 'big boy' and you always will be, your not here now to lick away my tears, I wish to God you were.  Bye Bye Maxie.

Now cracks a noble heart.  Goodnight Sweet Prince; And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.


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