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St. Nicholas of Crocus


Born October 12, 1992, he joined our family a week before Christmas that same year. He left us on February 20, 2006. He was Nikky, the best little dog a family could hope for. He loved to bark at the doorbell, eat popcorn and sit by grandpa when grand-pa had popcorn. He loved to fetch a toy and not bring it back. He loved to go on walks and sniff every tree, rock and leaf. He loved to lie in his bed and in his kennel and on Dan’s bed and on Sarah’s bed. He liked TV commercials and certain shows on the Animal Planet channel. He loved  “treats!” Nikky won a contest once. Sarah took him to Key Kids on “bring your pet” day. Nikky won a prize for being the “Liveliest Pet.” One day Nikky was buried alive by the snow-plow. He didn’t see it coming up the street while he was doing his business at the end of our driveway. Shocked with what had just happened I froze for a moment. But a moment after that, Nikky came charging out of the snow blindly toward the house. I opened the front door just in time for him to barrel in and shake off. There are a few things – well lots of things – that Nikky did not like. Remote control cars. Sewer grates. Docks and boats. Coffee cups. Wine glasses. Other animals. Babies. He was very jealous! Nikky didn’t like going to the vet or the groomer. Baths were torture. He didn’t like not having his collar on.  He didn’t really care for car rides. Un-fortunately, Nikky spent a good share of his life in vehicles. Our little dog went from house to house, state to state to state. He was quite a well-traveled little Maltese – a camping puppy, too. He’d been to the Wisconsin Dells, Yellowstone National Park, the Black Hills, Columbia River Gorge, Pacific Ocean and his special get-away; Chetek, WI.  A little known fact about Nikky is that he starred in more than one feature film produced by Dan. His most memorable role was that of a murderer. Everyone was quite surprised that “the dog did it.” Things we will miss about Nikky include the clickety-clack of his nails on the kitchen floor. The jingle of his tags. The warm spot at the end of the sofa. Little paw prints part-way up the patio doors. The way he nodded his head with each scoop of dog food put into his dish; as if he were counting. We’ll miss him curled up in the corner of the computer room. His snoring and his unconditional love for his family. Good-bye, buddy. We’ll remember you with love forever.

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