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Nathalie Dawalibi
Province, Country:
QC, Canada
Date of Birth:
6 months, Born in 2000
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
White with brown spot
Eye Colour:

LIKES: It's not because
you're small that your activities should be limited... My Chihuahua's
life is very exiting,
my owner, Nathalie, like to teach me all kind of behaviour, from working
dogs to clown dogs.

What I like the most is to fetch, anything... I'm very good at it, I like
to retrieve keys, toys, paper, pencil, money, cards,
I'll find everything even if it's not where it usually is. If my leader
(this will be my mom too) point me something,
I'll retrieve it and if she's not there and I found something, I'll bring
it back to my house (without chewing on it ) and wait for my owner.
I know she'll be very happy when she'll see it's me who had found her
credit card (all the time!) Since I know how to fetch and retrieve,
automatically I learned how to search. I search for everything with a
scent on and even just by the words.
I know the name of all my toys and people off my pack. I'm very good to
find the keys, that's my job each morning.
I like to sleep in the bed, where I sneeze all night long. Food
table... why does something so good exist? Why can't I have some?
OOPS, I almost
forgot, I love my grandma and my pet friend Pacha.
Special friends:
Venus a Boxer/shepherd mix and Carlin,
a pug.
I don't know what
could distinguish my dogs from all others because all dogs
are exceptional, have their own characteristics. Let take this section
introduce all of Pedro's friends:
Pacha: Pacha is a male Boxer-Shepherd mix of 13 years old, my first dog,

guard dog and adventure dog, He's there to help me get through the winter.
knows every word of the human language his just don't speak it.
I love you big boy!
Clyde: Probably more jealous then his friend, this is the other dog of
sister, a male chocolate lab of 5 years old, what used to be Venus boyfriend!
Napoleon: Napoleon is the male black giant poodle of my grandmother, 6
old with a lot of chasing instinct. They are just starting as friends,
Napo is
pretty big and jumpy around dogs...Pedro prefers when he is calm.
Touftouf: Touftouf is my mom's cat, a Persian, male of 13 years old or
Pedro likes to find him and play with him...He is a very calm cat
Romeo: My aunt's dog, a mixed terrier male, how old? I'm not sure.

And for all
those friends Pedro could have had if destiny wasn't so sad:
-Frissons: My grandma's old female
mixed terrier (close to the pitbull),
she died a few months ago, she was 14 years old, an amazing dog, very

intelligent and very loving. We miss you.
-Cachou: My old cat who died a year
ago, he was an Himalayan, take care!
-Poupee: My most lovin' and intelligent
cat, who died very young..two years
ago. I still think of you.
-Mabelle: One of my rats, she was
very intelligent and lovin'.
And for all those animals who died for us or for our love.
You can contact
Pedro by e-mail: nathaliedawalibi@hotmail.com

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