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Tara Germiquet
Province, Country:
ON, Canada
Golden retriever / Yellow lab
Date of Birth:
not sure guess Mother's day.
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:

I have two nicknames that mommy calls me which are white mama and White fang. I remember the day she came and got me from the pound I was sick and so depressed they were going to put me down but mommy saved me and made me well again. I have 2 sisters (cats) I love them both but I always have to remember to listen to Bon-Bon the boss. I love Autumn very much. She is like my baby I take care of her a lot. I remember the day mommy had to find my brother (cat) Shamoo a new home I miss him very much. I love to have attention at all times if you pet me I'm your friend for life and I think I'm a lap dog. I love the vet too.

I hate summer because I have to take benedryl everyday and always be kept on centinel because I'm seriously allergic too all kinds of bug bites they could kill me. I hate people who have hurt me. I've been abused before and mommy saved me from that too. I love kids even if mommy doesn't have any. I even get presents on my birthday and stuff. I love having my pictures taken if I see a camera I pose for them. I've even had my picture taken with sunglasses on. I just love the pictures and mommy loves to take pictures so it works out all the time. I hate that I can not have chicken because of being allergic to it and I can't have wet food either sometimes I get mad at that and try to steal it from my sisters when mom treats them.

I get in trouble for going into the garbage mom has to keep it locked up. All in all I am a very loving baby mom still calls me that. I wear a coat and boots in winter too because of my damage to my lungs from having pneumonia when I was only 2 yrs old shortly after mom got me from the pound. You'd love me if you knew me.

A few last things: I love to play with other dogs and I don't play with dog toys so I hate it when mom won't let me play with another dog or won't make a play date with me. I hate being the only dog in the house but I guess it's ok. I have a 2nd family too who takes me when mommy has to go away I have two kids there and they love me a lot but I believe I love them more. I have my freedom there. I also love to chase chipmunks and mice and then kill them and bring them back as a gift either when I am at home or at my 2nd home with my freedom so watch out. I have my fun at my 2nd family in Gilmour and I love to visit them when ever I can and when I can go visit I never say bye to mommy. But I'm always happy when I come back home.

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