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Tara Germiquet
Province, Country:
ON, Canada
Date of Birth:
Not sure July sometime
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
black with a bit of white
Eye Colour:

I'm 7 yrs old going on 8 yrs of age. I am epileptic and I have to take medicine every morning I really don't like this but mommy knows I need it. I remember when my mommy was 19 and had to move away and finally after 3 yrs I got to go back and live with her. I remember when I got there I had a sister Whitie she's a dog and a yr ago my youngest sister Autumn moved in with me. I am the boss and I am at times very ornery it has to be my way at all times. I love to be held and cuddled and I love to eat chicken I sleep alot as I'm getting older but I do play sometimes. I love mommy cause she buys me presents on the special occasions.

I especially hate the vet and male cats of any kind. I made mommy get rid of Shamoo because I beat him up. I will fight with any male cats if they are in the place I am. and I hate it when Whitie wants all the attention and pushes me away so I bite her to remind her I'm boss mommy doesn't really like this but I'm her first baby so she puts up with it. I remember the day Mommy brought me home from the humane society she was 17 she had to beg my nana to get me. She brought my sister home too luv bunny but she's gone now. I do miss her. I know Mommy will always take care of me and I love her very very much so I greet her at the door every time she comes home after going out.

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