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Gwen Kocot
Province, Country:
AB, Canada
Airedale Terrier
Date of Birth:
Not Provided
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Tan & Black
Eye Colour:

Niki is turning 5 this year; his disposition is excellent. We brought two Welsh Terriers into our home just over 4 months ago and he has adjusted quite well. We still have a bit of a problem between the two males. The Welsh Terriers aren't fixed they are a breeding pair and we are expecting puppies from our little welsh girl Copper. The boy Duster can be aggressive, but that is because he is not fixed. Our Airedale loves the snow as we found out this year as he is from B.C. and hasn't seen or played in snow much before. We reside in Edmonton right now. Niki loves to be around his people and is not aggressive towards other dogs at all; he welcomed the little ones very well. He loves to chew on empty pop bottles and run around like a crazy mad dog. He's a bit bigger than a normal Airedale and he was the runt out of the 4 pups. I'm 5"1 and he is taller than me on his two hind legs; I am about 110 lbs and he can knock me over when he really tries. Anyone have problems with big dogs and being knocked over, you must try and make them realize who is boss. Niki learned from me that I was boss because I do not let him get away with anything; I find a choke collar works well when walking him as he is powerful and doesn't know his own strength. Also use firm commands and look the dog in the eyes and they will soon understand. Niki also loves being in the car, as it it -11 out we haven't taken him in the car it's too cold to leave him alone; but we do take him when we can he just loves it. He falls asleep in the car and enjoys the ride quite a bit. He's the cutest dog we've had so far; and he's our third Airedale. And This year we've started training him to go out on his own and he's smart he's picking that up quite quickly! The Picture attaced is Niki and myself.

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