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Michael Backlund
Angels Camp
Province, Country:
CA, United States
Broken-coat, Tri-color Jack Russell Terrier
Date of Birth:
Date of Death
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:

Tracker was a great clown, loving to dance on his back legs, waving his front paws in front of him to greet everyone.  At fifteen years old, he wound down his life, much to my everlasting sorrow.  He loved to snuggle in bed with me, espcially getting way down under the covers.  He adored being in his snuggle bed close to the wood stove on cold winter nights.  He gave those endearing great sighs of contentment when stretching out in front of the warm fire.  He didn't like other creatures invading "his" territory, alerting me to the presence of squirrels, cats, deer, skunks, and even once a stray emu, of all things.  He had no fear of skunks, though the result on the two occasions he had close encounters should have cured him of his enduring interest in them. 

Toys had to be VERY sturdy for him.  His first toy when he was a pup was a squeaky plush toy little badger.  I named him Boris.  Poor Boris didn't last long.  All further toys ecame Boris to Tracker.  When I asked him where Boris is, he ran around the house until he found one of his toys, brought it to me, and got me to chase him all around.

Tracker, we all miss you terribly.  You'll always be a cherished member of the family. We will see you again one day!  Have fun until then.

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