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Yawning and Blinking in Dogs – Pet tip 217

When it comes to reading a dog’s body language there are many movements and gestures to pay attention to. Some of the gestures are easy to understand. A growling dog is sending a clear message and very few people will mistake the intention of that message. It means that the dog is uncomfortable and you should immediately back off or back away. The growl will likely also come with other gestures like standing forward, ears pointing forward and possibly raised fur. A broad wagging tail is also a clear sign usually associated with happiness and alertness.

Tina Steele
Province, Country:
ON, Canada
Date of Birth:
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:

Hi there. I am a well pampered pure breed. My ancestors originate from China. In Chinese, they call my breed liondog. I am not vicious in any way. What I am good at though is loving everyone to the extreme. I am a very happy dog and I love the kids that live with me.
I was adopted by my current mommy 3 years ago. I love when she calls out the word "treats". Sometimes my Nana brings me pigs ears. I love to run around and act silly for everyone. Especially my playmate Jasmine.
A year and half ago , my mom brought home a new puppy. Her name is Jasmine. I did not like her much then. But boy, do I love her now! I love to chase her and our toy bunny around. After all that play , I like to curl up with my mom or Nana. My favourite is a fuzzy blanket.
My most embarrasing moment is when I was outside once marking my territory on everything and I accidently fell over lifting my leg.

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