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Daniela Davidson
Province, Country:
ON, Canada
West Highland Terrier
Date of Birth:
March 12, 2005
Not Provided
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:

My mom keeps telling me that I am the cutest puppy ever and I think that's gotten in my head a little.  Mom and dad bought me from a breeder in Elora and I was a litter of 6 but all my brothers and sisters passed away shortly after we were born because they caught a bad bug....I made it, but sometimes am sad when I think about all my siblings....the lady who took care of me(I call her nana) she let me stay in the kitchen with her and then I met my parents who came to visit me a couple of times and brought me some toys.  When they took me home I was a little scared at first becasue I was use to my nana but I soon became comfortable in my new home.  I had so many toys and that kept me busy through the days.
I am spoiled wrotten but keep getting told that I'm worth it.  I have a couple of beds so sometimes I sleep alone in the living room but most nights I sleep in the master bedroom with my parents.  I love anything that makes noise and my favorite is the vacuum cleaner....when mom vacuums' on Sat morning I go balistic.  I chase it but sometimes it chases me and then I run as fast as I can.
I love going for walks....I get so excited when mom gets my leash ...I sniff anything and everything and my mom sometimes yells at me but I know it's becasue she doesn't want me to eat anything that could make me sick...I use to do that allot when I first started going for walks.....I have allot of friends in the neghborhood but I do have a best bud....he's my uncle Brumas.....he's a little older then me and shows me the way sometimes.....I love when I get to go see him but I'm sad that he lives all the way in Barrie....I get tons of hugs and kisses when I go visit him and we play for hours...sometimes my uncle wants to take a nap cause we've played so much but I never let him cause I love him too much that I always want to play with him.
Thanks for taking a peak at me...I hope you enjoyed your visit.....send me any treats if you wish :)

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