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audra ekendahl
Province, Country:
WI, United States
shorthair domestic
Date of Birth:
Feb 8th 200
Coat Colour:
black stripes, grey/brown undercoat, white splotch
Eye Colour:
Not Provided

I am a very laid back and mellow kitty, my mom and dad brought home my younger sister, sadie, last winter, and the house just hasn't been the same. it took a little while for me to get used to the new situation; but once I warmed up to her she became my best friend. we like to romp through the house together, and we curl up next to each other when we sleep. I don't really play with any of my old toys anymore, I'd much rather sit back and watch the action, so I let Sadie have my old toys, but she still lets me play with them sometimes :)
some of my favourite spots are: the foot of the bed, on top of the entertainment center,  and in the livingroom windowsill.
my favourite foods include: ham, Eukanuba weight control, hairball treatment, and lamb and rice, also I really enjoy cat treats, Its the only thing that really gets me moving.
some of my pet peeves are: loud noises, big dogs, vet visits, and being held/picked up.
my favorite thing is sitting in my daddy's lap, being brushed by my mom, and watching my little Sister fall off of things.

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