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Yawning and Blinking in Dogs – Pet tip 217

When it comes to reading a dog’s body language there are many movements and gestures to pay attention to. Some of the gestures are easy to understand. A growling dog is sending a clear message and very few people will mistake the intention of that message. It means that the dog is uncomfortable and you should immediately back off or back away. The growl will likely also come with other gestures like standing forward, ears pointing forward and possibly raised fur. A broad wagging tail is also a clear sign usually associated with happiness and alertness.

Nikki Moore
Province, Country:
AB, Canada
Husky X
Date of Birth:
01 April 2001
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:

Barking is my favourite past time, well it tops the list along with beating up my sister,
running, chasing and generally just being very very active

I allow my Mum and Dad to share my queen sized bed,
although they seem to think it is their's and kick me off.

My Aunt from England taught me how to chase cats, wow is that ever fun.

After a few experiences with camping I am still not sure about it,
perhaps next time we go we won't be rained on or attacked by mosquitos.

We have just moved into a new house, I miss my friend Seth a lot but we still meet up for long walks at the weekend.
I don't like the mud and having my feet washed before going indoors. I have a new girlfrienf though, her name is Chaos. Mum has
told me I need to wait until she gets a bit older before declaring my undying love. My sister Josie is not happy though, she's jealous!

The worse thing ever is having pieces of food in my water bowl
I have to tip it over when this happens.

The picture is of me when I was 12 weeks old. Can you believe it I have been with Mum and Dad for a year now, it has been fun, thanks for picking me!

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