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Casey and Emmie

Casey and Emmie

How cute is Casey and Emmie?

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Jan None
Province, Country:
KY, United States
Springer Spaniel
Date of Birth:
08/05/1999 and 09/08/2003
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
liver and white
Eye Colour:

My favorite things by Casey
I love treats, Frosty Paws, walks, going to the dog park, my Nana, sleeping on the couch with my Mama, riding in the truck with my Daddy, bossing Emmie and Toby around and being the number 1 dog!
My favorite things by Emmie
I love food (any and all), my toys, playing ball, making Casey chase me, my Nana, Toby, going to the dog park, sleeping with Mama and Daddy, hiding under the bed and hugs and kisses!

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