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How Old is My Cat – Guessing a cat’s age – Pet tip 201

When people adopt a new cat or are thinking about buying a cat they often want to know how old that cat is. If the cat is a kitten this is usually easy. The original owner should know how old the kitten was or if you bring the kitten to a veterinarian, the vet should be able to tell how old the kitten is with a reasonable degree of accuracy. If good records were kept from kitten-hood or previous adoptions, again this is an easy task. The problem occurs when you are considering getting an adult cat whose age and/or history are unknown.

Christine Mines
Long Branch
Province, Country:
NJ, United States
Domestic Short Hair
Date of Birth:
September 24, 2004
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Grey/Tan Tiger
Eye Colour:

My name is Zach.  I was born in Long Branch, September 24, 2004. I was adopted by my Mommy and Daddy along with my twin sister, Zoie, on Christmas Eve 2004.  My sister and I were so happy to have a safe and happy home to go to for the holidays and forever.  We were a little nervous at  first as we were at the shelter before with all the other kittens and cats.  Another family was interested in adopting one of us at the same time my Mommy showed up with her paperwork, but since my Mommy and Daddy came by to adopt us the night before but couldn't take us home because my Mommy didn't have her lease paperwork that night, the couple let my Mommy adopt us both.  We were so happy to go home with her and Daddy together. I couldn't have imagined what life would be like apart from my twin sister, Zoie.  Zoie and I play all day and sleep all day.  We take care of each other and give alot of love to our Mommy and Daddy.  We live by the beach and look out our window to see the ocean and all the people on the boardwalk.  We watch the birds all day. We have tons of toys to play with but love when Mommy and Daddy plays with us.  I have to wake up Mommy in the morning to make sure she goes to work.  I kiss Mommy and Daddy on their faces.  I love my feather wand toy.  I love to chew the blinds as a baby kitten and I hope I grow out of it (I know my Mommy does).  I love cardboard boxes and biting/customizing my box.  I love to sleep with my sister in my big bed.  I dislike loud noises like the vacuum cleaner.

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