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Carrie (TobsterMom) O'Toole
Province, Country:
PE, Canada
Golden Retriever
Date of Birth:
August 25 2003
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:

Hi! My name is Tobias, but people call me Toby.  I'm a typical goofy Golden.  I love to play, swim, chew stuff, eat stuff, and sniff things.
My favorite pass time is playing chase and hide and seek with my 7 year old boy.  I love toast, and I remind everyone when the toaster pops...just incase they don't hear it.  My favorite things are my ball and my big greenie...oh and my fuzzy mickey Mouse blanket. I love to be brushed and going for walks.  I love to play with other dogs too!
My mom says I can be a little neurotic.  I don't like cardboard boxes, flags, ambulances or the plastic snowman in the garage.  We just moved to Prince Edward Island, there are alot of horse and cows, I don't like them either....especially those weird sounds they make.
I'm just a happy-go-lucky guy. I love being with my family most of all, they love me so much and I get lots of hugs and kisses every day.  I love going on the ferry to Cape Breton to visit Nanny and Baboo, they feed me lots of good stuff, Mom has to put me on a diet when we leave...sheesh, humans!
Thank you for viewing my page, lots of love and licks!

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