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Richard & Mary Jo O'Nishea
Province, Country:
AL, United States
pittbull/rottweiler mix
Date of Birth:
Date of Death
Coat Colour:
Eye Colour:

Sheba,well let's see she was so many things,to begin she was a loving family member and friend.We first got her when she was 6 week's old and she lived a happy and loving 12 and a half years.She loved being a mother which she got to experience with 1 litter, which happened by mistake but after that she wanted to be a mother to everything including a kitten she nursed.She loved going for rides ,it didn't matter where just as long as she got to go.We wont never forget her because she was our buddy in time of sorrow and in time of joy and to put it simply she was GOD sent to our family now he needs her and has called her home,but we are not worried because she is where,we will be together again forever.P.S.mommy and daddy miss you and we love you see you soon.we'll meet you at the Rainbow Bridge,but untill that day comes you can run and play,something that you could'nt do here.You will ALWAYS be MISSED But You will NEVER be FORGOTTEN!!! You will Always be in OUR HEARTS and OUR  THOUGHTS, OUR DREAMS and OUR PRAYERS.

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