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Denise Rajpatee
Province, Country:
ON, Canada
Border Collie
Date of Birth:
May 2003
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Black and White
Eye Colour:
One blue eye and one brown eye

Do you believe in destiny?  Well after finding a new home 1 and half years ago, I now believe in destiny.  Let me explain.  I grew up on a farm near Trent University.  I had lots of friends living with me too...cats and other dogs.  One day I saw my beagle friend die after being hit by a car.....I was traumatized after that.  I detached myself from my human family, and I would wait at the end of the driveway for my beagle friend.  I ran away from home twice and was picked up by the humane society on both occasions.  The second time I was at the pound, I had only been there for about 12 hours when I saw this lady looking at me.  I overheard her say that I was really cute and that she wanted to take me home.  Unfortunately she had to wait 24 hours because I was a stray.  My family picked me up and called the lady who was looking at me and asked her if she wanted to give me a new home.  The lady came by the farm and I fell in love with her.  Even though my owners said I didn't like getting into cars, I jumped right in to her car!  We were meant to be.  She loves me so, and I love her.  She takes me canoeing, and hiking all the time.  I am such a great swimmer and love playing fetch!  I love to cuddle my mom and enjoy sitting in her lap while she plays with my ears when we are watching t.v.  I pretty much go every where with my mommy.  I love my new home and have not tried to run away.  Like I said....it was destiny.....we were meant for each other.  ------Max-----

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