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Nikita & Eddie

Nikita & Eddie

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Service Dogs and Autistic Children – Pet Tip 253

Dogs help humans in so many ways. They help with companionship, with tasks that they carry out for us and sometimes they help make every day living much easier. Perhaps the best demonstration of this fact is when dogs help people with disabilities. Many of us have seen dogs helping blind people and many have heard of dogs that feel when a seizure in an epileptic person is about to occur and then protect them from injury. Dogs can also help aid autistic children and parents of autistic children in many ways as well. Recent studies suggest that the prevalence of autistic children in Canada may be 1 in 165 children or higher. Therefore, many people may well personally know of an autistic child in their extended family, or know of friends or acquaintances that have an autistic child. So how can dogs help these autistic children?

The National Service Dogs (NSD) organization in Ontario Canada, is one of the best organizations that specifically help train dogs to make the lives of autistic children better. You might be wondering how a service dog can be useful to autistic children

Petra Matusinova
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Parson Russell Terrier & Airedale Terrier
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Nikita & Eddie
We are two terriers living in Prague, Czech Republic and we share this website as we are the best of friends. Our family loves terriers and since we've been around so does the whole of our neighbourhood. Everywhere we go we are greeted with excitement and receive lots of attention, even our vet thinks the world of us and that's something to say, because he knows a lot of dogs, you know.
I, Brutal Nikita, am the wee one but everyone knows that size doesn't matter. True to my breed I am a big dog in a small body and since I know that too, I've decided to be the boss here (at least as far as Eddie and I are concerned). I am older than him anyway and while he's still a puppy, I am now old enough to attend my first proper Terrier Club Show. Apart from having enchanting time throughout my whole life I am hoping to find fame and score as many champion titles as I can and have lots of kids who will make people happy and feel alive. No wonder my ambitions are this high, my grand grandfather is the famed Howlbeck Uno Who, the guy who helped spreading my breed in the USA. Anyway, was he as picky when it comes to food as I am? Don't think so...
I, Eddie, am the big one in our pack although I am only a clumsy and rowdy puppy. I originally joined my family to keep company to Nikita and thou she treats me like a wee brother and bosses me around, I don't really mind. I know that when I grow up I will be the calm and sensible one whilst she'll remain a wee satan for the rest of her life! Nevertheless, I love her to pieces and I know she loves me too, even if it sometimes doesn't look like. She knows full well that my grandad, Bargee, is a legend among Czech rescue work dogs who once came third in World Championship and thus it is likely I will be the one to look after her safety and wellfare one day soon. Good that she's picky on food, I love to sweep the floor for yummy pieces she leaves behind... 

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