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Tracey Skidmore
North Myrtle Beach
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SC, Canada
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First, you wrapped your tail around my heart. You were my first baby and it was just the two of us. Then, you wrapped your tail around "our family's" heart when you outlived the odds. The doctors said that your heart was very sick and you wouldn't live very long. Harley, you had the biggest heart and proved them wrong.

Mimi misses you so very much. She looks for you around the house and lays out on the porch in the spot you  often did. Who's going to give her her "baths" now? Yes, she is sad, but she is happy that you are resting now peacefully...we all are.

You came to me in a time that I really needed you and we sort of grew up together! Thank you for all the smiles, laughs, hugs, and the purrfect love that will never be replaced. One thing is for sure...There will NEVER be another Harley. We  love you Harley B!


Mom, Dad, and all you sisses


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