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Khrista Anne
Province, Country:
WV, United States
Date of Birth:
Date of Death
Coat Colour:
Black & White
Eye Colour:

Sparkie, u were given to me by someone I had known all my life & u were such a hyper puppy & I thought u would drive me crazy but u didn't & u became such a good friend.  When we went to NC u were still close to me but u had so much more room to run.  U were there when everything happened between my mom & dad & u stayed right by my side through everything & let me tell u my problems & let me cry on u & u never complained or nething when I was complaining over something tha was going wrong, u would jus sit there & wag ur tail & look at me & listen or act like u were.  U would fetch a ball but never bring it back to me I would have to chase u down to get it back.  When u died I was there when u got hit & I screamed because I knew tha u were going to be gone because of what had happened & I thought it was all my fault because I wanted to go walkin but I hope u knoe tha I will will never forget u because I knoe tha u & Bear r my Graudian Angels because I can still feel u nibble on my hand when I am suppose to go another way from what I am going.  I knoe u & Bear r back together again & havin fun together because u 2 were such good friendz & I knoe tha I will never have another like u.  All my dogs r enique.  I love & miss u jus as much as everybody else maybe a lil more.  I love u Sparkerz

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