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Heartworm testing in dogs – Pet tip 121

Late spring and early summer is when many dogs get tested for heartworm by their veterinarians. Why this time of year? The organism that causes the disease, Dirofilaria immitis, is transmitted by mosquito bites. There are three life stages of …

Khrista Anne
Province, Country:
WV, United States
Date of Birth:
Date of Death
Coat Colour:
Black & White
Eye Colour:

Sparkie, u were given to me by someone I had known all my life & u were such a hyper puppy & I thought u would drive me crazy but u didn't & u became such a good friend.  When we went to NC u were still close to me but u had so much more room to run.  U were there when everything happened between my mom & dad & u stayed right by my side through everything & let me tell u my problems & let me cry on u & u never complained or nething when I was complaining over something tha was going wrong, u would jus sit there & wag ur tail & look at me & listen or act like u were.  U would fetch a ball but never bring it back to me I would have to chase u down to get it back.  When u died I was there when u got hit & I screamed because I knew tha u were going to be gone because of what had happened & I thought it was all my fault because I wanted to go walkin but I hope u knoe tha I will will never forget u because I knoe tha u & Bear r my Graudian Angels because I can still feel u nibble on my hand when I am suppose to go another way from what I am going.  I knoe u & Bear r back together again & havin fun together because u 2 were such good friendz & I knoe tha I will never have another like u.  All my dogs r enique.  I love & miss u jus as much as everybody else maybe a lil more.  I love u Sparkerz

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