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Jenn Baran
Province, Country:
Not Provided
Mini Dachshund
Date of Birth:
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Red Brindled
Eye Colour:
Dark Brown

I am the sweetest, most loving pup in the whole world with the biggest heart!  I came all the way from Texas (all by myself) and ended up with the greatest parents a little pup could ever ask for.  I am the light of their lives, and they have no problem showing me that (it's no secret to anyone who's ever been around the three of us!!!)  It's been a little rough going lately -  I have some back problems (common to my breed), and I won't be able to run in the park anymore - which was absolutely one of my favorite things to do. (My daddy swears I used to smile while I was running!!)  But I am so lucky because my mommy and daddy love me more than I ever thought I could be loved.  I sleep with them in their bed -  I am curled up with either one of them all night long.  I used to love to play with my ball - but because of my back - I need to take it easy now.  My daddy built me ramps so that I can still get up onto their bed by myself, and I can go up and down the steps too.  He's the BEST!  I love to give kisses - - kisses for everyone - all ya have to do is ask!  Even on days when I'm not feeling 100% - all I have to do is look at my mom or my dad and see the love they have for me - and it some how makes everthing okay.  I'm going to be around for quite a while yet - - I still have sooooo much more love to give!

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