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Unruly dogs “My dog is crazy” – Calm your dog down – Pet tip 213

Dogs can get really rambunctious or unruly when they are at home and this is especially true of puppies and breeds with high exercise requirements. The second they see you or someone else that they want to play with, they may want to interact with you by jumping on you or running back and forth all over the house. It sure is cute when they are little baby-puppies and it sure gets annoying as they get older and the novelty wears off. Rambunctious dog behaviour can lead to broken lamps or dishes, uncontrollable running, loads of barking, jumping on you or the kids and general chaos that you will want to control.

Krystal Wellmann
Province, Country:
TX, United States
Golden Retriever
Date of Birth:
February 14, 2005
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
light golden
Eye Colour:

Likes:  cheese, taking naps, my rawhide bones, playing with my mom and dad, being my mom's shadow, putting all my toys (there are alot) in one pile then laying in the middle of the pile, swimming in any type of water, the beach, car rides, playing with other dogs my size, ice cubes in my water bowl, trips to the country, learning new tricks
Dislikes: food in my bowl from the day before, loud noises, dogs that are bigger than I am, being home alone, my parents even looking at another animal :)
Favorite toy: stuffed duck that makes real duck call and tennis balls
Favorite lounging spot: on leather couch or under my mom and dad's feet
Cherished memory: my first trip to the beach

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