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Phineas & Gussie

Phineas  & Gussie

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Kitten Development Stages – Pet Tip 249

When we bring a kitten home for the first time to adopt it as a pet, it should be between nine and twelve weeks old. This is so the kitten has a chance to spend time with its mother and so that the kitten becomes socialized with its littermates and learns proper kitten behaviour. But what happens before the kitten comes home? This article will outline some of the important milestones in kittenhood in an effort to familiarize you with some of the stages of kitten development.

Kittens are born blind and deaf and they remain that way for around the first fourteen days of their lives. They use their sense of smell to find their way toward their mothers for nourishment and heat. They really need to stay close to their mothers for these first few weeks as they are unable to regulate their own body temperature. The umbilical cord typically falls off after the first few days of life.

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Province, Country:
MI, United States
Domestic soft hair
Date of Birth:
JULY 2003
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Coat Colour:
coat of many colors
Eye Colour:

Phineas and Gussie are brothers named after the characters in Tom Stoppard's play, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead.   They were born among many other feline families in a barn but were abandoned  by their mother after some hay bales nearby were moved.  When their prospective owner was picking out two kittens from the many kittens she asked me, "What do you think about these two?"  I said, "They're perfect."  And they are. They were so small they had golf ball sized heads and  would suck and knead our necks.
About PHINEAS Rosencrantz: a.k.a. Phoo

will reach out with his paw and tap me as I walk by.  His gentle way of saying Hi and tranferring me to the now, this moment. 

is very curious and as a kitten he would tip over cups of coffee and glasses of milk in his attempt to discover their contents. Now he tends to dip his paw into the liquid and then lick it off his paw.

is a very attentive assistant.  He stayed with me the whole time while I was replacing a faucet.  He intently watched me, sending me encouraging vibes, and would occasionally walk through the project making sure I was on the right track using the right tools. 

He loves studying physics (just like Rosencrantz) and enjoys doing gravity experiments like pushing things (earrings, watches, glasses, coins) off surfaces.
About GUSSIE Guildenstern:

He is the younger of the two and "de baby of da family."  He has a hard time waking up and tends to be the last one down for dinner, slowing walking in with his half-closed eyes blinking.

He is the best hunter of the family and the most athletic.  He has worked a hole in the window screen to the point he can now walk through it.  He likes to go in and out and in and out and in and out and in.

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