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Jo Cronin
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Jack Russell Terrier
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Tri Coloured
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Hiya Tobs,

Remember when I was down or unwell and you would always sit with me til I felt better? To have a friend that can do that meant the world to me. You would sit there and lick my hand or look up at me with those beautiful eyes of yours.

You would always get your rope that you used to play with when you were a baby, and you would come up to me, asking if I wanted to play with you. And whenever I was out of the house you would be very quiet and when I would come in you would jump up and down and run around like a mad thing.

Tob, nothing would ever change what we had for each other. We had an unbreakable bond, and now that you're gone, that bond has broken. I'd never forget that Friday when I came in from Jury Service to hear that you had gone to the Vet's. I knew then that you weren't going to come back. When I learnt that you were put to sleep, I felt like the world had collapsed on top of me but at the same time I was relieved because you were in so much pain from the arthritis and the cataracts and you were quite an old doggie.

I can remember when I picked you - you were only a little 3 month old puppy and you were sitting on your own. I picked you up and at that moment I knew you were the right friend for me. At that moment in time, that bond grew.

I named a star after you, Tob - on the night you passed away. And I say hello and goodbye to that star every time I see it. It was the only one in the sky, and I knew at that time that it was you, and you were looking down at me.

You were a valuable friend to me, and no other dog or pet in the world can ever make that more special than you.

Rest in peace my beautiful Toby,

Love you always and forever,



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