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Lesser Known Food Toxins for Dogs – Pet tip 243

Most dog owners are aware that many dogs will eat almost anything. This is especially true of puppies and younger dogs. It is for this reason that houses need to be dog proofed or puppy proofed. Good house proofing will keep dogs away from medications, poisons inedible objects etc. and this is a great start. We know that even though dogs eat the weirdest stuff, the greatest temptation comes from foods that they are not supposed to eat. By now most dog owners know that chocolate is a MAJOR ‘no no’ and certain types of chocolate can actually kill a dog.

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FL, United States
Chow Chow
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My friend came home with this little puppy. He was 8 weeks old at that time, a little fluff ball. Then i told her you got a nice puppy there. It was the puppy i saw 1 week ago at the miami animal shelter and i wanted him right away when i saw him, but he was not old enough to be adopted out and was going to be available next week. I said ok i might return to get him. But then i said i cant make it on time he is probably gone. So then she came home with the puppy i guess she got him first and was probably gonna give him the best home ever. But then like after 2 hours she was leaving home, so she left.  The next day it was CHRISTMAS eve. So then she came back with the puppy, the puppy was on a red bow, so i was like ok why did you put a red bow around his neck. She said because its for you MERRY CHRISTMAS. I was shocked and felt in love right away. We been buddies ever since. ME AND BUBBLE ARE HOSTING A DOG OF THE MONTH CONTEST PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT BUBBLETHECHOW.PICZO.COM FOR MORE DETAILS THANKS.

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