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glenna nicholson
owen sound
Province, Country:
ON, Canada
Jack russells
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I own 2 Jack Russell Terriers names are Joey who was born Feb of 2003 and Phoebe who was born in April/1998, (they are no relation to each other). My phoebe is now blind due to glaucoma and the pressure in her eyes becoming so high that both her eyes were removed within the last year. She is doing great being blind and I would never even dream of putting her to sleep for her many disablities, she is also epileptic.
As for my Joey, her is a doll and a big suck for "mommy", he loves to play with us but he loves Phoebe whole heartedly. If anything ever happened to Phoebe JOey would be totally devastated and wouldn't know what to do, he would just be lost without her(so would I).
My most Cherished moment about my dogs is the day I got them. Phoebe was so tiny she fit in a tea cup, we carried her around in our coat pockets due to her collar being way to big and it was a kitty collar. Joey came to me with 3 of his brothers and sister and I was to give them to their new owners, well one kept coming back since his new owner was a total nut case and couldn't deal with a crying puppy, well I finally said "that is it you can't keep doing this to this puppy" Joey was really getting upset also so I found a loving home for the puppy and Joey and Phoebe fell in Love. Phoebe was a mommy to Joey. Is was great.
Now they are terrors of my house but well loved and well wanted, with and without disablities.

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