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Vicky Orsini
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Province, Country:
ON, Canada
All Canadian
Date of Birth:
April 10, 2004
Coat Colour:
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Phoebe (aka Phoebester, Trouble, Wile E. Coyote) is a very sweet little girl who loves nothing more than being with her people.  She was named after Phoebe Buffet on "Friends".  We found her on Petfinder when she was a 10 week old puppy.  We were told that she's a GSD, Collie, Husky, Golden Retriever mix.   As she's grown, we're pretty sure about the Shepherd, it's a toss-up as to whether the Collie is "Rough", "Border" or "Sheltie", and the Husky and Golden have pretty much disappeared.  She has grown into a very pretty girl - and she knows it!!  Phoebe firmly believes that human beings were put on this planet for the sole purpose of telling her how pretty she is.
Phoebe has 3 favourite toys - her Kong, Nylabone and rope toy.  During lousy weather, we exercise Phoebe by throwing one of her toys down the stairs, which she follows at top speed.  If we happen to be too busy to play with her when she wants us to, she'll stand at the top of the stairs, drop her Kong down the stairs and chase it around.
Give her a treat she doesn't like, though, and she'll let you know about it!  First, she'll take the treat from you very gingerly, all the while giving you a look that clearly says, "And what, exactly, do you expect me to do with this?".  Then she'll take the treat back to her bed, place it in the middle of the bed and "talk" to it ("groan, yip, yip, whine").  When the offending treat doesn't respond, she'll then spend a few minutes trying to bury it in her bed, walking cirlces around the treat while pushing at her bed with her nose.  I can only imagine how confused she must be.  "I've been at this forever!  Why isn't the darn thing going away??"
All that and brains, too!  Phoebe has been to puppy obedience, and basic obedience levels I and II.  She has also been through agility classes, levels I and II.  She is a natural athelete, having had plenty of practice at home clearing the baby gates.  Our instructors think she'll be a great agility competitor. :D

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