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C McClure
Province, Country:
TN, United States
German Shepherd Mix
Date of Birth:
December 1999
Coat Colour:
Gold, Black
Eye Colour:

Hi, I'm Samsonella McClure (but everyone calls me Sammie...unless I'm in trouble). I have many names so I will not list them all. I love bread and especially biscuits. I have been labeled the biscuit hound. I am described as extremely animated. My owners have seen almost every animal in me. I am a shark when I hover at the dinner table, a lion, a bear, a seal, and sometimes a lamb. In my mind, I am as much a person as anyone else in my family, but for some reason they call me a puppy dog... I am very jealous and do not like other animals taking my attention. Thankfully, I am the only animal in my house. I am terrified of visitors, even if I have met them before. No matter how long I have known them, I will bark everytime I see them. Well, that's all about me.
Love, Samsonella Lyn McClure

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