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Niko and J.J.

Niko and J.J.

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All about Niko and J.J.

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Uncle Dean The Wolf Man
New York
Province, Country:
NY, United States
Wolf-Chow - MORE BELOW!
Date of Birth:
November 5, 2000
Not Provided
Coat Colour:
Not Provided
Eye Colour:



& Niko's Page

are J.J. and Niko
Their mother is a beautiful Chow, as seen
below, and their father, now deceased, was a full-blooded sixteen year old
They were the only two males in a litter of
six (you go dad!), and they will be two on November 5th of 2002.
J.J. - the white one - is one of those
special dogs... He is scared of almost anything and is totally unwilling
to try anything new. If he's outside and a plastic bag blows by, you
better not be between him and the door. But he has a heart of gold, and
once he gets to know you, which takes a lot of patience and a lot of time,
he will supply you with endless love. He will lay his head on your lap, or
curl up next to you and let you know that you are his people. And when he
is playful, he gets a sparkle in his eyes that keeps everyone around him
feeling a little bit younger.
Niko is just a gorgeous dog to behold. He is
much bigger and stronger than his brother. He has about 15 pounds on his
little cohort, weighing in at about 65 pounds. He is a big loveable
guy. He knows no fear, he is always in a great mood, and like any smart
dog he knows the value of a good nap. He always listens, is very smart and
keeps a constant vigil for any unwary squirrels. Niko is the kind of dog
who could easily adapt to professional work of any kind, as his love and
respect for people is boundless.
Both J.J. and Niko are extremely respectful.
Though they look intimidating to some, they are never ever threatening to
anyone. At most, they might get a little excited upon the arrival of a
treasured friend and jump a bit, but they are still puppies at heart and
don't know how big they are.
Aside from being great companions, they are
best friends with each other, and when the tall people are too busy, they
like to have a good tug of war session amongst themselves.
Their pastimes have a lot to do with
eating (good dogs), and sleeping (smart dogs). Rawhide treats are a
favorite - especially the little bootie type. Walks can be intimidating for
J.J. in the bustle of the big city, but Niko takes to the streets like a
veteran. Mostly, they are our friends and give us the kind of love and joy
that only the lucky and wise get to experience. Any sacrifice is but a
fraction of the endless reward.

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